The Rise of Sustainable BBQ Weddings: How to Go Green with Your Feast

As couples increasingly prioritize sustainability and eco-consciousness, weddings are evolving to reflect these values. One trend gaining traction is the sustainable BBQ wedding, offering a delicious and eco-friendly way to celebrate your special day. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to plan a sustainable BBQ wedding feast that’s both memorable and kind to the planet.

Why Choose a Sustainable BBQ Wedding?

Traditional weddings can generate a significant amount of waste and have a large carbon footprint. Opting for a sustainable BBQ wedding allows you to reduce your environmental impact while still enjoying a delicious and festive meal. Here are some key benefits:

  • Reduced Waste: BBQs naturally lend themselves to less packaging and single-use plastics compared to traditional plated meals.
  • Local Sourcing: Choosing locally-sourced ingredients for your BBQ supports local farmers and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation.
  • Seasonal Menus: Planning your menu around seasonal produce minimizes the need for out-of-season ingredients that may require energy-intensive transportation or greenhouse cultivation.
  • Eco-Friendly Décor: Sustainable weddings often incorporate natural décor elements like wildflowers, potted plants, and reusable linens.

How to Plan Your Sustainable BBQ Wedding Feast

  1. Choose a Sustainable Venue: Look for venues that prioritize sustainability, such as farms, vineyards, or gardens with eco-friendly practices. If you’re hosting the BBQ at a private residence, ensure you have proper waste disposal systems in place.
  2. Source Local and Sustainable Ingredients: Prioritize local and seasonal produce, grass-fed meats, and sustainably-caught seafood. Consider working with a caterer specializing in sustainable cuisine to help you create a delicious and eco-friendly menu.
  3. Minimize Waste: Opt for reusable plates, cutlery, and glassware, or choose compostable alternatives. Avoid single-use plastics and provide recycling bins for guests. Consider donating leftover food to local shelters or food banks.
  4. Embrace a Plant-Based Menu: Incorporate a variety of plant-based options into your menu, such as grilled vegetables, veggie burgers, and salads. This not only reduces the environmental impact of meat production but also caters to guests with dietary restrictions.
  5. Sustainable Drinks: Choose local craft beers, wines, and spirits, or consider creating signature cocktails using seasonal fruits and herbs. Offer filtered water in reusable pitchers or dispensers to reduce plastic bottle waste.
  6. Green Décor: Decorate your venue with natural elements like wildflowers, potted plants, and reusable linens. Consider using recycled materials for signage and decorations. Avoid balloons and other single-use decorations.
  7. Sustainable Favors: Give guests eco-friendly favors like seed packets, potted herbs, or reusable tote bags filled with local goodies.

Sustainable BBQ Menu Ideas

  • Appetizers: Grilled vegetable skewers, hummus and pita bread, local cheese and fruit platters
  • Main Courses: Grilled grass-fed burgers, veggie burgers, sustainably-caught fish tacos, grilled chicken or portobello mushroom kebabs
  • Side Dishes: Seasonal salads, grilled corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, quinoa or lentil salad
  • Desserts: Fruit salad, grilled pineapple, homemade pies using local fruit

Additional Tips for a Sustainable BBQ Wedding

  • Use Renewable Energy: If possible, power your BBQ and other event needs using renewable energy sources like solar or wind power.
  • Encourage Carpooling or Public Transportation: Reduce carbon emissions by encouraging guests to carpool or use public transportation to your venue.
  • Offset Carbon Emissions: Consider purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for any unavoidable emissions associated with your wedding.


Planning a sustainable BBQ wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your love while minimizing your environmental impact. By choosing local and sustainable ingredients, reducing waste, and incorporating eco-friendly décor, you can create a memorable and meaningful celebration that aligns with your values. The rise of sustainable BBQ weddings demonstrates that couples are increasingly seeking ways to celebrate their special day in a way that’s both joyous and responsible.